When I rebuilt my demo system (some while ago) with PeopleTools 8.52, I noticed a new message generated by ubbgen in PeopleTools 8.52 when the minimum number of recycling servers is set to 1.

WARNING: PSAPPSRV, PSSAMSRV, PSQRYSRV, PSQCKSRV, PSPPMSRV and PSANALYTICSRV are configured with Min instance set to 1.  To avoid loss of service, configure Min instance to at least 2.

What Produces the Message?
ubbgen is the PeopleSoft utility that merges the template file (psappsrv.ubx) with the configuration file (psappsrv.cfg) file to produce the Tuxedo configuration file (psappsrv.ubb) and the environment file (psappsrv.env). It is invoked by psadmin during Tuxedo domain configuration.
ubbgen -t psappsrv.ubx -c psappsrv.cfg -o psappsrv.ubb -v psappsrv.val -q y -u PUBSUB=n/QUICKSRV=n/QUERYSRV=n/JOLT=y/JRAD=n/DBGSRV=n/RENSRV=n/MCF=n/PPM=n/ANALYTICSRV=n
The message is produced at this time.

Recycling Servers
Several servers in a peopleSoft application Server domain recycle after they have handled a number of services. Recycling is a PeopleSoft behaviour and not a Tuxedo behaviour.  It is controlled by the Recycle Count parameter in the PeopleSoft configuration file (psappsrv.cfg).  This parameter is not referenced in the template file (psappsrv.ubx).

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