Anyone have any experience upgrading to Oracle 11g? We are seeing some definite performance hits on PeopleSoft Financials with respect to nVision and sqrs. I've searched on metalink for performance documentation but so far, no luck. I do have an SR with PS/Oracle, but thought I'd try you folks to see if anyone has any documentation or links. We are currently testing one upgraded instance from to in both PS FS and HR.

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Have you had any luck with this yet? We are also in the midst of upgrading to 11g (from 10g) and are also seeing performance issues. Anecdotaly, "views take forever to build, SQR's are slow", etc. Also, I am seeing a hit when doing explain plans (2 seconds to 15-20 seconds).

We adjusted the parameters as per Doc. ID 749100.1, but its only allowed us some small benefits. We are looking into setting optimizer_features_enable to 10.2.0, but that seems like a "why bother doing the 11g upgrade in the first place" sort of thing.
I've created an SR as well, but no joy yet.

I recognize that document. :-)
we've upgraded the Financials (App 9.0 tools 8.48.09) side over a week ago, and things are running somewhat okay there, only the nVisions still have some longer run times, by a few hours (month-end report generation).

On the HR (App 8.9 tools 8.49.12) we are seeing somewhat similar run times comparing the instance to the instance, but one app engine, TL_TIMEADMIN, is running twice as long, hours longer. That's a huge concern for the clients. Anyway, we had those silver bullet parms in our 10g instances and carried them along into 11g, per the documentation. I did find another doc on Oracle Metalink, by way of another document on PS Metalink, 
Oracle 11gR1 Upgrade Companion 
Doc ID: 601807.1 
which does have some good stuff in it. Also, we're playing with the db_file_multiblock_read_count parameter (don't set it, allow Oracle to manage) but not seeing much with that. And we are looking at optimizer settings but it's a bit hard as the HR folk are also putting in ePay, eProfile, and Recruiting Solutions in the next few months. They're busy.
So, optimizer settings-
(bind peeking)
and who knows what else the developers want to try

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