I'm trying to work out why it won't let me attach a file from a specific page in peoplesoft CRM (it will show an error saying 'The AddAttachment() call failed.') while it does let me from the PeopleTools Test Utilities.

There seems to be a problem with the URL.

Looking at the traces, the lines that caught my attention the most are the following:

  1. Correct trace from the PeopleTools Test Utilities:


    EvalAddAttachment: processed URL catalog entry (on resume).

    IsURLValid: masked specified FTP URL = http://localhost:8230/psfiletransfer/demo/crm/

    GetLocalFilePath: temporary copy of file is /usrpsoft/demo/appserv/demo/files/psfileproc/A_de22a2f6-ffbf-11e0-8135-c80dfccab65c/borrador.txt

  2. Trace from the pages that returns an error:


    IsURLValid: masked specified FTP URL = http://localhost:8230/psfiletransfer/demo/crm/

    GetLocalFilePath: temporary copy of file is /usrpsoft/demo/appserv/demo/files/psfileproc/A_5da2dbaa-ffab-11e0-8135-c80dfccab65c/borrador.txt

First of all, what does the @ symbol mean in Peoplecode? in the first trace, it appears right before the URL parameter. I went through the Peoplecode documents and I couldn't find it.

And another thing: the second line of the first trace won't appear in the second trace. Does anyone know what could be happening?


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The @ symbol is used to dynamically refer to an object and in this case it is an URL. The key is what is in the string &URL_ID.

If you use @(&URL_ID) then &URL_ID should equal URL.MY_URL. If it is for a record it would be something like Record.MY_RECORD, e.g. &Rcd = GetRecord(@(&record)); or &Rcd = GetRecord(@("Record."| Record.MY_RECORD)); or &Rcd = GetRecord(@("Record.MY_RECORD));.

As for this "EvalAddAttachment" I'm not 100% sure. I wouldn't be too worried about it though. Just try to identify what is going into your variable (both the 1st and 2nd example) &URL_ID.

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