HI folks, Can nay one please let me know how to test XML link??

Thanks in advance.

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You mean test it without adding a process to the peoplsoft pages, in a dev or test environment

If so I assume you generally run your SQRs using sqrw.exe.

In the same location (Our installation is %pshome%\bin\sqr\MSS\BINW\ ) you will want to run sqrwp.exe which will convert the generated spf (a Printer file) into the desired format.

To get a better understanding of this you may want to read the help file, a .hlp file of the same name. But to get you started here are some links I have created. I generally just use windows shortcuts and I have placed 1% inputs so that I can just drag and drop the spf of reports I am testing.

R:\bin\sqr\MSS\BINW\sqrwp.exe %1 -zifR:\sqr\pssqr.ini -PRINTER:EP -EH_CSVONLY
R:\bin\sqr\MSS\BINW\sqrwp.exe %1 -PRINTER:PD
R:\bin\sqr\MSS\BINW\sqrwp.exe %1 -zifR:\sqr\pssqr.ini -PRINTER:EP -EH_XML

R:\ is simply a mapped drive to the server and pshome location

These all work for me but I had to learn how the command line works through those help files. I am sure if they don't work verbatim that you can easily modify it to work with your system.

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