Hi, I am just stepped into oracle and pursuing DBA.. I will be so glad if you help me my qustion below

what does dispatched do? What is bitmap and b-tree index? Thanks in advance!

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Here is the information from the PeopleBooks:
When you run the PO Dispatch/Print process from the Dispatch Purchase Orders 
page, the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Request page offers you three options:
1. PO Dispatch & Email job 
Select to run the PO Dispatch/Print process and then the Email process (PODISP).
2. PO Dispatch/Print process 
Select to run only the PO Dispatch/Print process (POPO005).
3. Email process 
Select to run only the Email (PO_PO_EMAIL) process.

When you use the email dispatch method, the PO Dispatch/Print process creates 
an output file in the location you specify on the File Locations page. The 
Email process picks up the output file from the specified location and sends 
out an email message with the PO as an attachment. When the dispatch method is 
fax, the dispatch process creates a PO file and a fax control file in the 
locations you specify on the File Locations page.

To dispatch by email, you first need to run the PO Dispatch/Print process to 
create the output files and to update the PO Email queue table. You then run 
the Email process (PO_PO_EMAIL).

The Email process is a PeopleSoft Application Engine process that picks up the 
email output file created by the PO Dispatch/Print process in the location 
specified on the File Locations page and generates an email message through the 
SMTP gateway to be delivered to your recipient through the internet. If you 
specify a vendor contact on the Vendor Details page on the PO, the Email 
process sends the email to the address that you specify in the Email ID field 
on the Vendor Information - Contacts page. If you do not specify a vendor 
contact on the PO, the Email process sends the email to the address you specify 
in the Email ID field on the Vendor Information - Address page. When a message 
is sent successfully, it is removed from the email queue table; however, the PO 
output files are not deleted.

To simplify dispatching by email you can use the PO Dispatch & Email job on the 
PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Request page that you access from the Dispatch 
Purchase Orders page. The PO Dispatch & Email job automatically runs the PO 
Dispatch/Print process and then the Email process. For online dispatches, the 
system always schedules the PO Dispatch & Email job.

An important factor to consider when you select an appropriate output format is 
your recipient. When you dispatch by email, you may want to select a dispatch 
output format of PDF or HTM, because these formats employ readers that are 
commonly found on user systems. When you dispatch by fax, you may want to 
consider that most fax software applications are compatible with Postscript- 
(PS) or PCL- (HP) encoded files.

The email dispatch method is designed to work with a SMTP gateway.
The settings for the SMTP gateway must be entered when you set up a PeopleSoft 
Process Scheduler Server.

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