We have a PeopleSoft installation and I am building a separate web application that needs to pull data from the PeopleSoft database. The web application will be on a different server than PeopleSoft, but the same internal network.

What are the options, and I welcome any recommendations.

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Yes - Integration Broker is implementation of a Peoplesoft's proprietary which publishes/subscribes methadology, speaking xml. You can of course write codes that goes against your database.Nothing stops you from doing this. However, you should understand Peoplesoft databases schema, so that you pull orinsert/update/delete all of the proper data. Peoplesoft manages this for you.

I think it will depend on your requirement, and which version of PeopleSoft you are using.
Do you want real-time lookup? If this is the case then you will have to look at Web Service/Integration Broker.
If you want a batch or bulk export then a scheduled App Engine would do that work for you.

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