I wanted to know navigation path by component name /page name. I did some Google and found that we can get this in two approaches
Find Object navigation' is the new content reference available to do this. You can find this under the navigation 'Enterprise Components -> Find Object Navigation'.
It is also available in the navigation: Set Up HRMS > System Administration > Utilities > Portal Navigation Path

We are using HCM 9.0 and Tools 8.49. Unfortunately there is content reference in Enterprise component as Find Object Navigation and in Utilities (Portal Navigation Path) too.

Can anybody share his/her experience how to get to navigation path apart from running SQL Query?


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If verity is setup you can build the PORTAL_INDEX which will make the portal registry searchable. This will create a search index on your process scheduler, if it's not on the same server as the application server you'll need to copy it over. If you don't have SQL access, you may not have the ability to get this working either if everything wasn't already setup for you. I'm sure a google search on this will yield results in the blogs if you need more info but here's a link to the PeopleBooks 8.49 reference, http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13292_01/pt849pbr0/eng/psbooks/tprt/htm/... and an example of what it provides. Other option I guess would be to post your component/page name assuming it's not custom and someone else may look up the navigation for you.
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Withhold 1099 Report Post / 1099 Report / 1099 Copy B
Main Menu>Vendors>1099/Global Withholding>1099 Reports>Withhold 1099 Report Job

Withhold 1099 Report Post
Populate table used to create 1099 reports.
Main Menu>Portal Objects>Navigation Collections>Accounts Payable Center>1099>1099 Reports>Withhold 1099 Report Post

Withhold 1099 Report
Print year-end 1099 report to be sent to the IRS
Main Menu>Portal Objects>Navigation Collections>Accounts Payable Center>1099>1099 Reports>Withhold 1099 Report

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