When running a PeopleSoft process from the process scheduler, you can find the process id and the process status at the process monitor. If you run an sqr from the command line (work bench), it does not show up in the process monitor. How do you find the status of an sqr that is still running that was started from the command line (work bench?)

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If you started a sqr from command line, it will not show on the process monitor page for sure. Process monitor will show only the processes that were started from run control pages in the application

To find the current status - you may have to go through the back end. Querying tables V$SESSION, V$SQL etc. or use OEM

I am a PS developer. We run processes from the workbench often. But I don't have permissions on those tables.

Contact your dba. DBAs should be able to check and let you know what sql is currently running in the db by the SQR session that you have started from the workstation

Jae Is correct you should contact your DBA.This would help you to solve your problem.

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