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The biggest social media platform for PeopleSoft professionals which allow you to socialize for the purpose of sharing information, resolving issues and resource development through its exclusive jobs, blogs, articles, white papers, market insight, training material and much more. With this network based on common interest, individuals will benefit from shared knowledge and open opportunities, while companies will thrive on available resources as well as share ideas and industry related information.

If your company seeks ERP candidates for PeopleSoft projects, MyPeopleSoft would be an ideal place to get in touch with suitable prospects. While sharing news and posting job opportunities, companies can also search through profiles and send invitations as well as make offers to individual members directly. Apart from recruitment, companies can also promote their ERP products and services on MyPeopleSoft.

Looking around for the right individuals to fill vacancies at your company can be a lengthy and daunting process. While there are portals that allow you to post vacancies and search for jobs in a variety of categories, MyPeopleSoft provides you with exactly the same features, but just more refined; all posts, vacancies as well as a host of other information pertain to ERP and users of the PeopleSoft suite.

Integrate Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with MyPeopleSoft

You can associate your other social network profiles with MyPeopleSoft, thereby, allowing you to stay in touch with other inputs that you already depend on. Additionally, you will also have the option of importing your entire profile from LinkedIn and Facebook.

Additionally, members on the MyPeopleSoft network will be able to perform the following:

  1. Comment on Jobs, eBooks, Articles, Blogs and News
  2. Share anything from Portal to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  3. Initiate discussions
  4. Share News, Jobs, Articles and Videos
  5. Share information from Portal to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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