Expert Entry

There are some components in ISIS that have ‘Expert Entry’.
What is Expert Entry?
Expert entry allows you to enter data in ISIS without having the ISIS system edit the data as it is entered.  In other words, editing of data is NOT interactive; it is deferred until you click [Save] or  [Refresh].
Use of Expert Entry has some distinct advantages in ISIS:  it stops the ‘hiccups’ because data is not edited as you enter it, making it easier and quicker to tab from field to field.  It also reduces errors since your cursor will go where you direct it instead of stopping at the previous field to edit data continually.
How do I know if I have Expert Entry?
You can verify that you have Expert Entry by looking at the lower left portion an ISIS page.  
You will see a check box followed by the words Expert Entry
            = Available but Off    |    = Available and On
Do I need to do anything to use Expert Entry?
Yes.  The ISIS default for Expert Entry is set to no (not checked).  You either have to check the Expert Entry box each time you wish to enter data in a deferred (non-edited) mode or change your default from no (not checked) to yes (always checked on).  You will probably want to change your default to have Expert Entry always on.  Changing the default only needs to be done once.  The Expert Entry box will then always be checked on whenever you access a page with expert entry.  Note:  You can always uncheck the Expert Entry box on a specific ISIS page whenever you prefer not to use it.
How do I change my Expert Entry default?  Note:  This only needs to be done one-time.
1)    From Home, go to >My Personalizations.
2)    Select the Navigation Personalizations [Personalize User Options] button.
3)    Find Default Expert Entry On and select ‘Yes’ in the Override Value field.
Note:  Clear this field if you later want to turn the expert entry default setting to No.
4)    Click [OK].
5)    Click [Return] on the Save Confirm page.

Special Processing Notes
Please read the following carefully and keep for your ongoing reference.
1)    If you have not set the Expert Entry default to Yes, you will need to check the Expert Entry box each time you wish to use it.  Conversely, if you have set the Expert Entry default to ‘Yes’, you can always opt to turn it off on a particular page.  Checking Expert Entry on or off will affect that component only and only for the period of time that you are in that component.
2)    If Expert Entry is checked on, you will also get an additional button called [Refresh] on the same line as the [Save] button (lower left hand corner of the page).  The [Refresh] button does NOT Save your data entry.   It simply refreshes the page, editing and translating any values you have entered.  Clicking [Refresh] will also return any error messages as a result of telling the ISIS system that you want it to edit your page(s).  Tips: Click [Refresh] or Press [Alt]+[0] on a PC or Press [Apple]+[Option/Alt]+[0] on a Mac.
3)    If you are in a component with multiple page and you have multiple errors on different pages, the errors are returned on the page you are on and not on the page that the error applies.  You will need to work through the errors, correcting the data on the applicable page, and then click [Save].  Read the error message content to determine which page and data field it is referencing.

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