I have to set up the ayshcronous service Integration with 3rd party system. the 3rd party will send a file to the Peoplesoft system and I have to read that file and load the contents in the tables. I have set up the message definition ,services, service operation, and I am using the local node for the Peopelsoft system. I have created a separate node for the sender node and picked HTTP connecter for the sender node. I am not sure if I have to the use the same Listening Connector URL for the Sender node or a different URL ?. If anybody has any articles or a documents about the 3rd party integration which are easier to understand. Please post them here .

Thank You.

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1) In the HTTP connecter properties, in the primary URL field, whose URL should I enter. Is it my local URL or the third Party System URL?
2) I have build a Sample XML file based on the message definition. How should I test that XML file. I do not have the Send Master to do that. IS there any other way around?
3) Everybody I asked told me that once the XML message comes in, the contents from the XML message gets loaded directly in to the records involved in the message definition. Is that right?
4) What is the use of Handler, why do we use the App class or any code for that matter when the data is directly getting loaded in to the target tables ( see the point 3)?

Please help me. I know a lot of questions does not make sense to the readers. If they sound silly, please do answer them as I am a beginner in Integration Broker. Thank you.

Take a look at this post from the Blogging About Oracle site: http://bloggingaboutoracle.com/integration-broker-basics-peoplesoft...

 I think this will provide the foundation and tools you need to work through providing a asynchronous web service to a third party consumer.

The Blogging about oracle site will help you alot.Check it out.

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