UTEP is deploying two PeopleSoft suites: Human Capital Management (HCM) will replace HRMS and Financial Management System (FMS) will replace BIS. Below are the modules being deployed in each suite.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a suite of PeopleSoft modules used to manage employee and human resource functions. The HCM suite is made up of the following modules:

Human Resources (Position Management). The HR module maintains position and employee data. Data that is stored and updated in this module relates to employee, job, position, compensation, and benefit information.

Recruiting Solutions. The Recruiting Solutions module is comprised of Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) and Candidate Gateway (CG). Talent Acquisition Manager is used to create position postings, screen, interview, and correspond with applicants, extend job offers electronically (and in hard-copy format), and prepare applicants for hire. Candidate Gateway enables internal applicants and external applicants to search, view and apply for jobs, manage their job application and personal information and submit employment references, cover letters and other documents.

Benefits. The benefits module manages multiple benefits programs, including plans for leave, health and life insurance, savings, and dependent care reimbursement. Payroll/Time Keeping.

Payroll and Time Keeping are two modules in PeopleSoft that work together to accurately calculate employees’ time and manage employees’ pay. Time Keeping serves as the time reporting system, which is fully integrated with Payroll.

Absence Management. The Absence Management module tracks and processes paid and unpaid leave of absences, and the accrual of leave time based on an employee’s years of service. Absence Management is fully integrated with the Payroll and Time Keeping modules.

Budget (Commitment Accounting). PeopleSoft Commitment Accounting is the budgeting module for HR, which enables users to allocate salary costs to different funding sources

Financial Management System (FMS)

The Financial Management System is a suite of PeopleSoft modules used to manage financial processes. The FMS suite is made up of the following modules:

General Ledger (Account Setup). The General Ledger module is the official record of financial transactions. All accounts are set up within the General Ledger.

Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable (AP) is the PeopleSoft module that the university will use for processing non-PO payments.

Travel & Expense. Travel & Expense is the PeopleSoft module that will be used to handle travel authorizations, travel advances, and reimbursements for travel or other employee-related expenses.

Grants. This is the PeopleSoft module that supports the key business processes associated with the administration of sponsored research activities, project costing, and contracts.

Projects. This module supports the key business processes associated with the administration of capital projects, such as new buildings and facilities.

Billing. The Billing module is used to generate invoices to customers and sponsors for reimbursement of expenses incurred by the University.

Source: http://admin.utep.edu/Portals/1878/Modules_edit3.pdf

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