Hi DBAs,
       Psadmin is very vital utility for PeopleSoft DBAs. PeopleSoft administration like start/stop,purging of cache,PeopleSoft Application server Administration,Process Scheduler administration and lot of administration tasks related to PeopleSoft Applications can be done with utiliy  'psadmin'.
This utility is similar to adadmin utility in Oracle EBS Application.Since I'm from Oracle Apps DBA background,so I always compare and do PeopleSoft administration tasks,it also help me to sharp my apps dba skills.Let me share the below task of Starting/Stopping the PeopleSoft Application server.Here I'm using 'psoftsvc' OS user which is quite similar to 'applmgr' OS user in EBS applications.PeopleSoft Server  Administration can be done using 'psadmin' utility.

Stopping PeopleSoft Applications:

Login with 'psoftsvc' user and set the PeopleSoft environment by executing 'psconfig.sh' file(as we do in Oracle EBS application by executing APPSContext.env file) and then run the psadmin utility.

login as: psoftsvc
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Last login: Sun Aug 19 12:33:42 2012 from
Oracle Corporation      SunOS 5.10      Generic Patch   January 2005
TERM = xterm
psoftsvc@[PeopleSoftApps_1]->su - psoftsvc


TERM = xterm
Please enter the menu command to get started.
PeopleSoftApps_1(/product/psoftsvc >menu
Select a Peoplesoft Environment:
1) PeopleSoftApps_1
2) PeopleSoftApps_2
3) Statistics
4) Quit
Welcome to the Peoplesoft PeopleSoftApps_1 Environment.
Tuxedo Installation Directory: /product/bea/tuxedo81
Cobol Installation Directory:  /product/microfocus/cobol

psoftsvc@PeopleSoftApps_1(PeopleSoftApps_1):/product/psoft/PeopleSoftApps_1>cd appserv

Read More: http://rafioracledba.blogspot.com/2012/08/psadmin-utility-in-oracle...

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